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ConSpecT is an independent roof consulting firm specializing in solutions to problems in exterior building envelope performance.

Why? – Roof Consultants are used to design reroof projects and provide services to extend the life of exterior envelope components.  With a Registered Roof Consultant on your team, you will get professional roof counseling and on-site third-party services with the following benefits:

  • An unbiased assessment of current roof and wall conditions and a professional evaluation that is free of self-serving motives.  You will not be pressured into a new roof or wall system before its time.
  • Money saving ideas, such as ways to decrease energy use, life-cycle cost analysis, pro-active maintenance surveys, repair directives to contractors, multi-year prioritized budgeting, and non-destructive testing (if needed).
  • When it is time to reroof,  it is wise to engage professionals who can provide unbiased advice on product system options.  Then prepare proper design plans, specifications, and bid documents that best adapt to and transform your existing roof, deck and wall configurations into a finished system that will provide long-term service.  Professional RRCs (Registered Roof Consultants) provide bid documents reports, to verify that you are getting all of the system and installation expertise that you are paying for throughout the construction phase.
  • In the event of roof damaged from wind blow-offs, hail damage, fire spread, or collapse from excessive snow or ponded water, building owners that have not used our services may be in need our forensic roof investigations.  Should legal proceedings become necessary, ConSpecT can provide you with expert witness testimony at depositions or if needed, in court.
Why hire ConSpecT as your roof consultant
Know - how Nothing substitutes for having the right kind of experience and training.  In the roof consulting business, this means being certified as a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC).  There are only 350+/- roof consultants in all of North America who are duly certified by RCI, with the broad-based experience and mandated roof education needed to stay abreast of changing building codes and current technology to use the RRC designation.
Advocacy With ConSpecT, you will get roof professionals who are truly independent.  We have  no ties with roofing product manufacturers or contractors.   We will base our recommendations on what are the best solutions for your building, and what is within your budget capabilities, and needs.
Savings Protect against costly errors from poor design and installation short cuts that could result in your need to buy a new roof before it is needed.  Periodic maintenance inspections and follow-up repair verification will maximize the roof system’s useful life-cycle and can improve the owners return on investment.
Specialized Knowledge Your best interests are served by those who work with numerous types of roof challenges every day, has the necessary code & roof industry reference knowledge, keeps up with changes in the industry, and is familiar with the skills and attributes of available contractors and product manufacturers.
Recognized Expertise All RRC’s (Registered Roof Consultants) must recertify annually with documented continuing education, and must also sign a certification to abide by the RCI code of ethics with RRC forfeiture being the result of any performance breach. ConSpecT’s principals have also won awards, authored numerous nationally published technical roofing articles and have taught numerous roofing courses for other professionals and the public.
Time Roofs are often not the highest priority of building owners or managers (out of site - out of mind syndrome). Putting a RRC (Registered Roof Consultant) in charge allows your staff more time to focus on profitable work, minimize production downtime from leaky roofs, and protect your interior content and image.


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Excellence in Construction Award 2014

"Excellence in Construction Award 2014" for the 2013 reroof of the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center award was issued by Michiana Area Construction Industry Advancement Fund (MACIAF) and the Michiana Builders Association for the "Roofing - Educational" category.

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