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Roof Asset Management

Here’s why building owners and facility managers are increasingly turning to roof professionals to continuously manage their roof assets:


Best ROI - Roofs that are not maintained do not last their potential useful life-cycle.  Facility managers are usually responsible for a lot more than just the exterior envelope.  They often have too many obligations to do everything in a timely fashion.  Our Roof Asset Management (RAM) programs are custom designed for each client so that you can have as much assistance as you need, when you need it.


As roofs age without regular and timely roof maintenance, repairs often consume increasingly large proportions (and sometimes unexpectedly exceed) a building owner's overall maintenance budget.  Building and facility managers responsible for maintaining numerous buildings or a large building complex with numerous roof sectors of various age, type, and condition, often find themselves without the means to keep up with it all.

  • Information provided by roofing contractors, suppliers, or and manufacturers representatives may have bias because of the inherent special interest.

  • Roof Warranties are filled with exclusions and usually contain owner’s performance requirements (such as periodic inspections, maintenance and prompt notification) that if not timely performed may void the warranty.

  • Flat or low-sloped roofs are often “out of sight, out of mind” until leaks then infiltrates through the roofing assembly layers to the extent that they are observed from the inside.  This results in growing areas of wet insulation, excessive heat or air conditioning energy expense, deteriorated roof decks, and a shorter roof membrane life-cycle.

  • Roofs that are not managed in a timely fashion and maintained properly often fail prematurely, resulting in roof leak surprises.  Roof leaks can cause long-term building damage, immediate damage to building equipment and contents, and can disrupt normal business operations.  Problems like these can be very costly but can be minimized with professional RAM programs.

ConSpecT offers a wide variety of Roof Asset Management (RAM) services designed to be proactive.  At a minimum the service starts with current known conditions from the owners files.  Next ConSpecT personnel surveys the roofs of your facilities to gather verify and add more critical information including, the type and condition of existing roof membrane, insulation, vapor barrier, deck, etc.  All of that information is then entered into the database system selected by you.  The data is then analyzed evaluated and entered into reports to assist in generating recommendations regarding future maintenance, management, repair, and replacement options to plan for budgets during the next year, five years, or longer time frame.


As each roof changes with continued deterioration, repairs, improvements, or replacement, the record can then be updated  periodically, either by the facility manager, by ConSpecT, or both.  Depending on the type of RAM service selected, reports can be continually capable of generating needed information anytime with various levels of detail or prioritization.  The facility manager always has up-to-date information they need to make well educated decisions regarding their future roofing expenditures such as:

  • When to schedule and budget maintenance or replacement activities, in both text and graphic formats.

  • Recommended repair strategies at appropriate intervals during the roofs life-cycle, complete with graphics.

  • Replacement roof system options, costs, and schedules, plus life cycle cost analysis for replacement options.

  • Multi-year repairs compared to future replacement costs.

  • Periodic up-date of multi-year repair and replacement schedules with estimated budget forecast.

  • Repair history and leak history, as well as future leak management.

  • Responsibility records of who repaired what, where, when, and with what material for accountability and durability of types of repairs.


By implementing an effective RAM program the building owner or manager can make informed and timely decisions regarding roof maintenance, repair, and replacement options throughout the life of the building and reduce life-cycle cost.

Use a Registered Roof Consultant professional to help select the right RAM program for you.  You will minimize premature roof failures, or buying a new roof before it is needed, and thereby improve your ROI. Contact ConSpecT to get started. 

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