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Roof Design and Bid Process Services

ConSpecT assists you in making the critical decisions, while minimizing your time involvement. The process boils down to three steps: (1) Selecting the right roof system, (2) Designing the components to adapt to your building condition, and (3) Choosing the right installation contractor. 


We use site-specific design parameters and comparative analysis of design options in the process of developing precise plans, details, and specifications.  As part of the bid documents, these technical requirements provide a detailed description of the work, the appropriate products to be used, and how they are to be installed.  Roof plan drawings and details are usually prepared to provide graphic information regarding location and flashing installation detail requirements.

Reduced size Wall Section Detail drawing sample



Reduction sample of a typical 24" x 36" Roof Plan Drawing 


Bid documents usually include explicit Instruction to Bidders, Bid Form, Bid Breakdown, Unit Prices (to establish price limits on unforeseen conditions), and Requirements for Bid Submittal.  Bid documents along with the technical requirements and Contract Conditions make up the Project Manual.  Then, in order to obtain the optimum roof system, comparable and competitive bids are solicited from qualified, reputable contractors.

Design/Bid Services


  • Analyze Design Options

  • Develop Detailed, Site Specific Plans and Specifications

  • Prepare Complete Bid Documents

  • Qualify Contractors

  • Conduct Pre-Bid Meeting

  • Evaluate Bids


When you put ConSpecT experience to work for you, we serve as your advocate through all phases of your roof’s life-cycle.  Our ongoing goal is to be your "eyes on the roof".  That can mean helping you fix an existing problem, or inspecting your building envelope on a regular basis to watch for potential problems.


Your best interests are served by those who work with numerous types of roof challenges every day, keeping up with changes in the industry, and that are familiar with the skills and attributes of available contractors and product manufacturers.  Choose a roof design professional who is truly independent and will base recommendations & service to you on the best solutions for your building that is within your budget capabilities, and your goals.  Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs) are required to have this broad based experience, and to abide by the RCI code of ethics.  ConSpecT specializes in being your advocate through all phases of your roof’s life-cycle.


If you seek a no-hassle design & specification process that results in apples to apples bids and a quality reroof application that gives you the best ROI over the life of the roof, Contact ConSpecT to schedule a free consultation.

Ready for a new roof?  Don’t accept the potentially self-serving agenda of others without getting input from an Registered Roof Consultant.  


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