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We are proponents of building facility managers who make new roof decisions based on corrective design where needed, products with superior track records, and contractors with fair prices. Once the roof and wall components are in place, they need to be cared for, (deferred maintenance is far more expensive than the short term savings of not doing it when needed).  ConSpecT's primary goal is to use our experience, specialized knowledge, and programs to assist our clients in doing just that.  


To achieve this goal, we are advocates of sustainability in building envelope decisions:


  • New building components and installations should be evaluated primarily on a life-cycle basis, not just the lowest initial bottom line.  Like any other good business principle, this can be carried to unrealistic extremes.  Consequently, ConSpecT endeavors to provide the right balance of services that will lead to the best long-term quality results that will fit within the client's needs and budget. 


  • On previously neglected existing building projects, the client's needs are often beyond what is economically feasible at the time. In that case we use sound roof asset management principles to meet the highest priorities first, and help mitigate any remaining issues in calculated steps.


  • "The greenest building is one that is already built because all new materials used in new construction (regardless of how energy efficient) are a cost to the environment that takes many years to recoup compared to an existing building with its existing material damage already accounted for.  Demolishing old buildings, also has an environmental cost." -


  • In addition, it can take up to 80 years for the savings of a new energy-efficient building to make up for the carbon dioxide expended during its construction.  How long does a NON energy efficient roof or wall take to make up for its CO2 load expended during construction. Never?


In the event that a building owner suffers roof or wall component failure, whether due to extreme weather issues, manmade accidents, or the poor selection of prior decision makers, we advocate the forensic principals of a thorough review of the existing conditions, testing if necessary, then the development and implementation of a Building Envelope Asset Management plan.


We strive to be unbiased in our approach to building envelope solutions.  However, it is not possible to have been involved in the building industry as long as we have and not develop a positive bias for the products and contractors that provide good results.  Conversely, to develop a strong negative bias against what we have learned does not work well.  We would not be doing a service to our client if we did not use our bias (knowledge) developed from experience to help keep them from making the same poor choices that we have learned about in our years of forensic services.


Finally, we do realize that it is important to keep an open mind and not let our biases prevent us from evaluating new things.

 “The hardest part of gaining any new idea is sweeping out the false idea occupying that niche.” - Robert Heinlein



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Quality materials result in long-term durability.

Deferred maintenance is more expensive because now the insulation is wet and the steel deck rusted through.

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