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We've been "up on roofs" several times every week for decades. 


ConSpecT's roof consultants have experience with nearly every kind of roof material and types of installation. Our experience comes from the following:


  • We have been up on roofs several times each week for decades + decades.

  • Performed core-cut analysis, sample extraction, and testing of a wide variety of existing roof materials.

  • Years of designing roofs for all types of substrates and building conditions.

  • Worked with some of the top roofing contractors in the country.

  • Have been involved in all kinds of roof failure investigations learning what works and what doesn't.

  • Periodically visits roof product manufacturer's plants to witness how their products are made.

  • Attended Testing Labs during product test procedures (including UL & FM Global) to witness how the products performed.

  • Regularly attend roofing seminars, symposiums, and building envelope education venues.

  • Documented Continuing Education Hours required for annual RRC Certification renewal requirements are exceeded by many fold every year.

  • Meet informally with other roof professionals from all over the Country during these venues to learn what issues they are encountering thereby getting collective experience knowledge, often before it is publically known.  

  • ConSpecT's track record of several hundred successful projects to draw on.

  • Curriculum Vitae available to prospective clients.


If you seek experienced non-biased roof advice, contact ConSpecT or call 574 234 2198.



Many professions in the roofing industry claim to have the best answers for building owners.  In order to become a Registered Roof Consultant one must document their well rounded experience with all segments of the industry.  Only a small percentage of those with acceptable applications, pass the broad based exam.  Once certified, RRC's must abide by the Code of Ethics and recertify every year with approved and documented Continuing Education Hours (CEH).


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