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Getting the best Return on Investment in your building envelope is the result of only one factor: Professionalism


ConSpecT provides building owners and managers with roof & exterior envelope wall evaluations, design, specifications, bid documents, and quality assurance monitoring during construction to get the best value during the roof's life cycle. In short, value assurance.



Best ROI

Want to get the best Return on Investment?                   Call or Contact ConSpecT to discuss your situation.

On the other hand, a poor Return on Investment on your building envelope is the result of many factors.



The majority of roofs in this country do not last to their full potential.  Why?

  • Poor initial selection (lowest bottom line based only on short term goals).

  • Manufacturers unrealistic claims (they can't all be the best for every roof).

  • Poor design (installations that don't meet even minimum code requirements).

  • Lack of bid specifications resulting in apples & oranges in bid proposals.

  • Short cuts in installation (result of bidders race to the bottom to get the job).

  • Out of sight, out of mind, until it leaks (lack of roof asset management).

  • Loss due to weather related events (deficiencies in any of the above increase the chance & severity of loss).


NOTE: For a detailed white paper on each of the above topics, Contact ConSpecT.


Exterior WALLS:

There is a vast variety of wall systems.  Leakage through walls that extend above roof systems are often called roof leaks.  Depending on the specific type of wall system, walls in general have a better ROI track record but wall problems have some of the same reasons for not lasting to their full potential.


"If you think that it is expensive to hire a professional…, wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair

Best ROI Example


In 1995 ConSpecT designed an economy type modified bitumen roof membrane overlay for the heavily blistered asphalt built-up roof installed 1905.  The cost for the overlay was only $3.20/sq ft  including an aluminized emulsion coating finish.  The re-inspection report accompanying the 2010 photos indicated no repairs were needed, only recommended recoating the areas of defective coating (which is still intact in 2015).  Compared to reroofing, the ROI saving so far has been more than $2,600 per year for 20 years not counting inflation, the cost of money, or the time & expense of responding to leaks that did not happen.



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