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Maintenance Programs for Roof and Wall Life-Cycle Extensions

Want to get the best Return on Investment of your roof or exterior wall system?  Can’t be done with a “out-a sight, out-a mind until it leaks” reactionary type program.  High quality roof system installations require very little expensive maintenance, but that does not mean no maintenance.  In fact, most roof membrane warranties require roof inspections twice a year (see How to Protect Your Warranty).  Bi-annual roof inspections catch minor deteriorated areas or defects before they become large expensive repairs. 


Most exterior wall systems deteriorate at a slower rate and therefore if the original design & installation were high quality, the need for inspections and maintenance may be much less frequent.  However if put off too long, systems like brick, terra cotta, & limestone repairs can be far more expensive than roof replacement.  Exterior concrete, metal panel, and glass curtain wall systems often need sealant joint replacement.  EFIS coating is soft and subject to damage or cracking if the design did not accommodate building expansion/contraction movement, therefore some EFIS systems should be inspected and maintained regularly. 

ConSpecT’s maintenance programs start with a thorough inside-to-outside assembly assessment, if needed a non-destructive testing such as infrared, then a comprehensive condition survey to itemize all maintenance needed on the building exterior so that contractors will be able to repair all maintenance items in one trip for better ROI.  If the repair item list is extensive, items are prioritized and reviewed with the building manager to evaluate budget capabilities, then drafted into a Request for Proposal (RFP) and solicited to contractors that specialized in the kind of work needed.  Quality Assurance Observation monitoring is on an as needed basis.  If client has or is starting a Roof Asset Management (RAM), all repair area, materials, and contractor responsible is entered into the RAM data bank.  Roof life-cycle extension estimates and future budget needs can then be adjusted at any time.

Ridge repairs for preventative maintenance on New Prairie High School coal tar pitch roof

Flat rubber expansion/contraction joint cover over reoccurring crack in built-up roof, installation in progress.  Next step is waterproofing tie-in on each side of the red line rubber.  

Before installation of these saddles in 2004, roof slope toward wall without lateral slope to thru-wall scuppers resulted in ponded water, deteriorated asphalt, & frequent leaks. Roof life has been extended more than 11 years so far.

Deterioration defect in EFIS coating will result in insulation under the coating soaking up water like a sponge if not resealed in a timely fasion.

Contact ConSpecT for advice on your exterior envelope and how frequent roof/wall inspections and maintenance may be needed to improve your ROI.

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