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Shingle, Slate, Tile, & Wood Shakes

We have extensive experience in working with every steep roof system, except Thatched.  Shingles, slate, tile, wood shakes, imitation slate, imitation tile, and metal shingles are all water shedders, which means that they need steep slopes to drain the roof properly, especially in the northern Midwest.  In addition to proper underlayment and attachment, flashing the hips, valleys, side walls, and vent protrusions are critical to effective design and installation.  ConSpecT has performed thousands of Roof Assessment of problematic steep roofs and Forensic investigations of steep roofs damaged by wind, hail, leaking, and ice dam problems. Below are just a few of the steep roof design projects and solutions that we specified and then performed QAO monitoring of the installation.

Other than the importance of proper shingle nailing, flashing transitions are the most critical. Note copper cricket and step flashing at the chimney chase.

Tile rehab project.  Notice new lead flashing under ridge cap and new copper flashing in valley of reinstalled clay tile.

Notice copper nails in the slate on this last row below what will be the ridge cap and notice the copper valley flashing going down from where the ridge meets the adjacent slope.

Notre Dame “Old College” 2014 reroof with fire-treated red-cedar wood shakes.

Shouldn’t you use our specialized knowledge gained from thousands of steep roof investigations?  Contact ConSpecT if you are contemplating a new steep roof systems of any kind, even if it’s going to be thatched :-)

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