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Assessment and Asset Management Projects 

Roof asset management projects starts out with collecting the same assessment data but then is expanded into various tables of values, priorities, planning for the best long-term ROI planning, and then all incorporated into a computer program that can zero in on the status of any particular building, roof, or place on a roof. Later, asset management can be continually updated as the assets change from maintenance programs or reroofing.

ConSpecT performed roof Assessment surveys and consultation in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Core-cuts are often needed to ascertain roof assembly and conditions.

Survey involved over 52 different roof system types on the ½ mile of Navy Pier.

In 1999, high reroof bids for this 610,000 sq ft warehouse led owner to use ConSpecT’s Asset Mgmt instead, which has extended the useful life-cycle for 16 more years so far.

ConSpecT has performed thousands of roof assessments.  Dozens have turned into multi-roof asset management programs.  Why not contact ConSpecT and improve your ROI?

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