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In order to give good advice, one needs to know the condition of existing roof & wall assemblies, not just the surface.  Such things as condition of the structure, wythes, deck, vapor retarders, insulation type, method and extent of slope, membrane type, number and age of roof membrane layers, penetration locations, and flashing types all together make up the data base on which the best conclusions are made.  Facility managers that have existing records can shorten the time needed to gather a lot of this data but some testing and core extraction analysis may also be necessary.

Roof Assessment Programs

Roof System Cross Section


  • An overall roof plan (when the building complex is too large to show roof detail of each sector).

  • A scaled roof plan of every sector with notations and/or photos of special features or typical deficiencies.

  • All previously known existing data for each roof and each sector such as roof assembly components, product manufacturer, installing contractor, leak history (if any), and repairs.

  • Documentation of all newly gathered roof assembly data (as outlined in the 1st paragraph above) and, if applicable, asbestos containing material test results.

  • In some cases, nondestructive testing may be advisable which would then be included in the report. These tests can include: 

    • Negative pressure uplift test

    • Infrared thermography

    • Electro-capacitance

    • Nuclear grid sample

    • Electro-vector mapping

    • Fastener pullout test


Following testing, our reports may include: ​

  • Drawing detail of perimeter edge assembly and adjacent wall or curb flashing.

  • Preliminary repair alternatives (spot repair, coating applications, recover overlays, reroof replacement) and recommendations.

  • Preliminary budget estimates, energy savings potential, life-cycle cost estimates.


To gather the data needed for a comprehensive condition survey may sometimes require, specific site measurements, GPS surveys, transit elevation measurements, core cut analysis, electronic probes, deficiency counts, location maps, photo location maps, larger scale drawings of complicated areas with numerous penetrations & rooftop equipment, section detail drawings, and overall roof evaluations.

Negative Pressure Uplift Tester

Infrared Thermography

Roof Assessment Reports

Depending on the type of information requested by the owner, Roof Assessment Surveys can be as simple as a walkover visual inspection with the owner to provide onsite verbal comments and recommendations; to a full blown comprehensive survey report which can also be the beginning of a roof asset management program.  Again, depending on the degree requested, written & graphic reports may include such things as:

Roof Assessment Reports are a valuable tool for building owners to manage their existing roofs, prioritize spending, and make informed decisions regarding their future roof asset budget needs.   Every building owner’s need for this service varies according to number of buildings, number of roofs, type of roofs, and the extent that they need professional assistance.  Therefore, ConSpecT will review your needs and expectations, then prepare a proposal to provide a customized roof assessment tailored to your unique needs.


Whether simple advice or a comprehensive survey, ConSpecT has all of the tools, specialized knowledge, and professionalism, to provide the information you may need to make the right decisions regarding your roof & wall systems.


Contact ConSpecT before you try to make uninformed decisions.

Fastener Pullout Tester

Roof Coring Preparation

Roof Core Pulled for Analysis

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