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Roof Maintenance Programs

Other than faulty roof installations, lack of maintenance is the #1 reason for premature roof failures and shortened useful life-cycles.  If you have had a professional roofing contractor providing regular roof maintenance work you may not need a roof consultant to do maintenance surveys.


However the majority of building owners do nothing to their roofs until leaks migrate to the inside.  This is called reactive maintenance.  When maintenance is put off to this extent, what would have been a small inexpensive patch or correction often results in large costly repairs sometimes performed in inclement weather and difficult working conditions.  Proactive is a better way to minimize repair cost.


This can be part of a sophisticated Roof Asset Management (RAM) program (webpage text yet to be sent to you) or a simple “what needs to be repaired survey” and coordinate repairs with a selected roof contractor or developed into a Request for Proposal (RFP) document.  Part of ConSpecT’s service is assistance in selecting the right kind of repair contractors to solicit.  After contractor selection and depending on level of involvement the clients chooses, this service can include Roof Construction Administration and QAO services.


Roofs that have been neglected often need substantial maintenance work to get caught up.  Clients get free initial consultation to determine the extent of work needed.  In the event that the work is minor and most cost effectively handled directly by you or by a contractor, we will say so.  If the volume or complexity of the work needed would justify our involvement, we mutually develop a proposal with you to spell out how we would most cost effectively proceed.


Work write-ups should start with some level of roof assessments because knowing the facts about the roof assembly sometimes makes a significant difference on the repair to be made.  After that a sample of a maintenance work project could be as follows:

  • Use the roof assessments data to prepare a preliminary roof plan drawing to record our findings.

  • Depending on the complexity take deficiency counts, show general location, measurements when needed, and more digital photographs to accurately dimension and record conditions of all the roofs.

  • Perform core cut, drive pin, and/or electronic probes as necessary to verify existing roof assembly components and conditions (this work may not always include all areas because some areas may be in better condition and may only need surface work). 

  • Some extracted samples will be bagged, documented, and saved for future testing if necessary for future repair or replacement specifications. 

  • Examine all parapet walls, perimeter edge conditions, and adjacent walls extending above roof surface level and evaluate repair scenarios.

  • Examine all roof drains, penetrations, terminations, edge conditions, mechanical equipment curbs, and general construction details where necessary for the roof repair specifications. 

  • Prepare a Work Write-up of existing deficiencies for each roof, prioritize work for repairs, specify repair material and how the repair is to be made. Sample Page

  • Prepare various repair and/or replacement alternative solution options that are generally suitable and review with product manufacturers if necessary.

  • Review proposed work with the owner or facility manager, adjust to budget parameters, review available repair contractor alternatives.


Depending on the size and estimated cost of the project, work directly with a preferred contractor; or, if the project is extensive, develop a list of qualified contractors to be invited to competitively submit proposals for repairs.


If you seek a no-hassle roof maintenance program & specification process that results in quality repairs that gives you the best ROI over the life of the roof, Contact ConSpecT to schedule a free consultation.

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