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Bitumen Based Low-Sloped

When installed correctly, Built-up or Modified Bitumen roofs are one of the most durable low-sloped roof membranes an owner can have installed.  ConSpecT has designed, specified, and performed Quality Assurance Observation monitoring on over 100 reroof projects with asphalt, coal-tar pitch, or Mod Bit based systems in the last 20 years and extended the life of several hundred more.  A few of the projects are shown below.  A more comprehensive list is available for prospective clients.

Two-ply Mod Bit reroof adhered with hot asphalt over Bosh Research facility circa 2005.

Two-ply asphalt vapor retarder on concrete deck later covered with R.26 isocyanurate, coverboard, and Mod Bit membrane at New Prairie High School swimming pool 2007.

Hot air welding of Mod Bit base-sheet lap-joint seams at end of day temporary tie-in to existing BUR 2014.

ConSpecT designed & QAO monitored about 4 acres of Mod Bit reroof over Bayer manufacturing plant.


If you require a durable long life-cycle reroof design, go with experience - contact ConSpecT.  

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