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Energy Use and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Performance Assessments


Heat flow calculations with energy consumption evaluations will tell you the cost of energy loss through your existing roof and wall systems.  Life-cycle cost analysis of all anticipated expenses of various alternative upgrades allows comparisons and energy savings payback of each contemplated system.


At one time or another, every building owner should have an energy analysis and life-cycle cost comparisons because the initial cost of the roof  and wall assemblies is only part of the overall cost of doing business in your building. How do you know how much you could save with an improved building envelope if you don’t have an energy analysis and life-cycle cost comparisons?

Energy Analysis 


Your exterior envelope not only covers all of your valuable assets, it is the protective enclosure between you and the outdoor elements. In addition to keeping the water out, your roof and the exterior walls are the thermal barrier between outside temperature, humidity, and airborne contaminants and your inside conditioned space.


Existing roofs & wall systems often get moisture trapped in the layers of the assembly from water infiltration, vapor drive, or condensation. Thermal shorts from metal components of the roof or wall assembly that extend to both the inside and the outside surface loose heat by conduction. Cracks & gaps in the components of the assembly layers form air passageways that allow heat loss by convection. Depending on the amount of insulation, the emissivity & reflectance of the roof allows heat gain or loss by radiation.


All of these forces reduce the ability to resist heat transmission from inside out in the winter, or, from outside in during the summer. Poor thermal barriers greatly increase the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your interior.


ConSpecT’s energy analysis testing & surveys along with your current energy use records provides the data needed to evaluate potential payback periods of upgraded systems and ROI of capital expenditures.

Life-cycle Cost Comparisons


Before selecting a new roof system or exterior wall upgrade, we recommend life-cycle cost comparisons of each system proposed for your consideration; because the up-front cost of the new roof or wall assembly is only part of the overall cost of operating your building. 


ConSpecT’s extensive experience in forensic investigations of roof & wall system failures makes us better qualified to evaluate long-term performance of various roof & wall systems.


Have a professional on your team; Contact ConSpecT's Registered Roof Consultants.

Heat Loss by Conduction Melts Snow over Metal Subpurlins in Gypsum Deck
Looking down at top of exterior wall. No air barrier to stop heat loss by convection.
Closer view of gap between roof deck and wall that results in heat loss by convection.
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