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Roof Construction Administration and QAO Services

During roof construction, building owners and contractors both benefit from an unbiased third party roof professional to monitor the roof installation process and verify that the correct materials are being properly installed.

Our Registered Roof Consultants (RRC's) can assist with on-site quality control monitoring of the roof application to ensure that the installation is in accordance with the contract documents, to troubleshoot any issue that may arise due to unforeseen conditions, and to verify that the owner is getting the quality job that they are paying for.  This service can be performed periodically, or, full time onsite monitoring is available.


In new construction, our staff can be the liaison between owner, architect, and contractor to make sure the details of your roof are correct.   From preconstruction plans and advice through progress meetings and substantial completion and/or final inspection, ConSpecT documents the progress and events with reports to all parties involved.  We clarify ambiguities and clear up misunderstandings with proper parties involved until a reasonable solution is found and recorded.  Whether documenting that a material does (or does not) meet requirements, or performing hands-on assessments and reviews, ConSpecT can help.


Reroofing projects are often even more challenging.  Previously unforeseen existing deck damage or unanticipated moisture conditions require good judgment and timely decisions regarding what is useable and what must be replaced, unit cost responsibilities, and the quantities involved recorded. 


These all must be performed before it is too late to weatherproof the area involved.  Third party quality assurance administration, problem solving, and inspection reports provide assurance that the products and installation does (or does not) meet the contract agreements.


Final project closeout procedures document the correction of any “punch list” items, submission of all closeout paperwork, and issuance of proper warranty forms.  Post project annual warranty inspections are also advisable.


Use a professional RRC (Registered Roof Consultant) on your team.

Contact ConSpecT Services, Inc.




ConSpecT CA & QAO     Services Include
  • Review Contractor Submittals

  • Conduct Pre-Construction Meeting

  • Perform Construction Observation Documented with Daily Reports, Photos, and when necessary Material Test

  • Field and Change Orders if necessary

  • Review and Process Payment Request when Justified

  • Conduct Progress Meetings

  • Perform Final Inspection

  • Provide Job Closeout File

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