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Roof Consultant Services

ConSpecT has the experience and resources to provide a wide range of roof consulting services, beginning with expert advice, and including roof assessment surveys, design, construction admin and quality assurance, plus performance assessments, roof asset management, maintenence, forensic investigations and building envelope services. Additional details below. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss your project. 



When it’s time to reroof, you should engage professionals who will provide unbiased analysis of the reroof system options that best fit your needs.  When the system selection is decided, the bid package should include design, plans, specifications, section details, and bid documents so that all roofing contractors are bidding on the same type of system.

Roof Assessment Surveys


 In order to give our clients good advice, we need to know the specifics of your roof assembly (structure, deck, vapor retarders, insulation, slope, membrane condition, penetration locations and flashings).  Facility managers that have records can shorten the time needed to gather this data.  Where additional information is needed, ConSpecT provides Roof Condition Assessments which may include; site measurements, condition surveys, core cut analysis, non-destructive testing, drawings, section details, and overall roof evaluations.



As a public service, we attempt to answer all questions from building owners & facility managers.  Depending on the complexity of the question or the time that it takes to find answers, we cannot spend an extensive amount of time without compensation.  However, when we can, we do.  ConSpecT also provides several roof education seminars every year, some of these are at free at local Trade Shows.

Roof Asset Management​​


Busy building owners & managers can also get long-term Roof Asset Management programs from ConSpecT, custom designed to estimate future needs and prepare multi-year budgeting programs.  This enables you to be proactive instead of reactive to roof problems which reduces maintenance cost and provides periodic updated budgets to plan for future expenses.

Performance Assessments


You need energy analysis and life cycle cost comparisons because the cost of the roof assembly is only part of the overall cost of doing business in your building.  Understanding the cost of energy consumption with your existing roof may, or may not, be an influencing factor in decisions regarding reroof or recover projects.  All life cycle cost should be considered before any new roof system selection decision is made.

Construction Admin & QAO


During construction phase, we recommend third party quality assurance inspections & reports to verify that you are getting all of the system that you are paying for.

Building Envelope Services


In addition to the roof, there are many other building components in the exterior envelope that often contribute to leaks and moisture migration such as upper exterior walls, parapets, skylights, and mechanical equipment curbs.  ConSpecT has extensive experience in masonry restoration and in moisture migration investigations.

Forensic Investigations


When roofs fail prematurely the result is often a lot of finger pointing.  Who is responsible for what?  It may be to your advantage to find out from an unbiased third party expert if the failure was due to what should be covered by insurance, manufacturer’s warranty, or contractor’s short cuts.  ConSpecT has extensive experience in forensic investigations of premature roof failures or damage from wind, hail, fire, moisture migration, or collapse from excessive snow or ponding.  In the event that legal proceedings are necessary after the investigations, we can provide you with expert witness testimony at depositions or if needed, in court.

Roof Maintenance


When requested, you will get roof repair work write-ups for periodic maintenance programs to extend the life of your roofs.  Other than faulty installation, lack of timely maintenance is the #1 reason for premature roof failures and shortened useful life cycles.  ConSpecT’s roof maintenance programs may include engaging the repair contractor, periodic repair work quality assurance monitoring, and recording who fixed what, where, when, with what, and any other circumstances that may influence how long the repair should last.  In the event of repair failure, ConSpecT will have all the data to work with the contractor to provide an equitable solution to the owner.

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