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Forensic Testing and Investigation of Building Envelope Projects

Brian Ullery, President of ConSpecT has performed over 5 million sq ft of infrared survey testing, for entrapped moisture in roof & wall systems.  ConSpecT has performed several hundred forensic investigations of failed roofs & walls in the aftermath of major wind, hail, moisture migration, or collapse from excessive snow or ponding events.  Some of the projects and the equipment used are shown below:

Getting ready to do infrared roof survey on ABC Supply warehouse as roof surface cools down on clear evening 2011.

Brian Ullery and Dick Canon getting ready to do FM 1-52 & ASTM E907-96 up-lift testing 2014.

Mechanical fastener pull-out resistance tester to evaluate how many deck screws will be needed to meet up-lift requirements per sq ft in pending reroof.

Frost on roof surface next day shows accuracy of infrared at finding wet insulation area.  Defect infiltration point = orange circle next to pen.  Spots without frost are due to heat loss from mechanical fasteners below the roof membrane. 

Old FM 1-52 uplift testing equipment Bayer Diagnostic Plant reroof circa 1999.

Heat differential in sun verses shade areas resulted in key to finding source of sound from movement at standing seam hold-down clip investigation 2002.

When natural disaster strikes or if your current building envelope system is need testing, contact ConSpecT.  If we don’t do the particular type of testing that you need, we will put you in touch with those that do.

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