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Exterior Walls, Roofs, and Below Grade = Building Envelope

In addition to roof consulting, ConSpecT has extensive experience in specifying corrections to failed wall assemblies and restoration of deteriorated traditional or historical walls such as brick, terra cotta, limestone, etc.  More modern conventional projects involving, moisture migration control, internal condensation mitigation, air barriers installation, expansion/contraction crack control, and EIFS repairs have also been performed.  Additional projects and information details are available to prospective clients.

Seven story brick & terra cotta restoration project, 25 new replacement terra cotta units made.

Concrete block replacement over epoxy coated structural steel beams embedded in wall and application of permeable coating.

Spray Polyurethane Foam over former window openings and deteriorated header before gutter & metal siding was reinstalled.

Carnegie Library brick & terra cotta restoration project 2014.

Inspecting mortar joints between terra cotta units to be cut out and repointed as per ConSpecT specifications. 

Formerly exposed steel beam in wall above soffit was covered with SPF insulation to reduce periodic condensation moisture into interior drywall.

Have an exterior wall problem, contact ConSpecT for a diagnosis.  We have the experience needed to solve building envelope problems.

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